Who We Are

IESC – the International Executive Service Corps – is a US not-for-profit that sends consultants and volunteer experts to developing countries whose private enterprises, emerging industries, financial institutions, and governments need our managerial and technical expertise.

IESC was established in 1964 at the initiative of entrepreneurs and philanthropists David Rockefeller and Sol Linowitz, who envisaged the need for American businessmen and women to provide technical and managerial advice to developing countries. President Lyndon Johnson launched IESC in the Rose Garden of the White House - in the company of representatives of prestigious American businesses such as Xerox, Time, CBS, and General Dynamics - saying that “the preservation of the free world may well depend on our success in seeing economic development succeed”. Since then, our mission has always been “Prosperity & Stability through Private Enterprise”.

We have worked in partnership with local people in 130 countries - mainly with the generous support of USAID - designing, implementing, managing and evaluating a wide range of market driven solutions along the entire value chain of a company or industry. We are proud that our experts have helped create more than one million jobs throughout the world, leaving behind a legacy of increased economic stability and skills, burgeoning private businesses, and strengthened public and private institutions where they are needed most.

We are client-focused, results-driven, and we understand the local markets, cultures and sometimes challenging environments in which we operate. But we remain sensitive to the natural and social environment, particularly the needs of women and children, in all that we do.

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