IESC adapts continuously to the challenges presented by tumultuous social, political, and economic changes around the world. We have worked in the world's newest country, South Sudan, and its oldest, China, and in post-conflict regions such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. We work with micro, small, and medium businesses to connect them with the knowledge and tools they need to grow and thrive. We provide smart, results-driven solutions in the fields of trade and enterprise, financial services, tourism, information communications technology, public and private capacity building, and more.

Local solutions that empower people to help themselves.

We implement programs with the support of USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, U.S. Department of State, host-country governments, and private companies. We collaborate with local business and organizations to find appropriate interventions to promote economic growth. We are committed to long-term solutions and seek to connect our local partners with real markets—ones with viable buyers and suppliers—to ensure success and sustainability.

Leaving behind stronger communities, higher living standards, and more opportunities.

Our programs help farmers and enterprises increase productivity, grow exports and profits, build skills, and generate good jobs in local communities. We also help governments build efficient and effective institutions that support businesses.

We are proud to have created or preserved more than 1.5 million jobs. Since 1964, our phenomenal base of talented professional consultants and volunteers has implemented more than 25,000 short-term projects and 250 long-term programs in 130 countries.