Volunteer Services

For more than 50 years, IESC has set the global standard for identifying and fielding volunteer experts to serve on international economic development programs. IESC leverages its existing database of more than 5,000 registered volunteer experts and employs tested methodologies and procedures to coordinate volunteer technical assistance assignments.

Why Volunteers?

Throughout its history, IESC has deployed skilled volunteers to work directly with farmers, private enterprises, international buyers/producers, business support organizations, and government institutions to unlock the potential of private enterprise as an engine for growth.

IESC volunteer experts possess deep knowledge and technical skills, and they are willing to share their learning to help others. What is more, they are willing to work their networks on behalf of our clients in order to support businesses and other private sector actors in developing markets. In a world where global trade is ever more competitive and personal and professional networks are commodified, access to these networks is incredibly valuable and something that a paid management consultant or development consultant can’t provide.

“A volunteer steps into a moment, and solves problems based on the reality on the ground.” - Andrea Patrick, IESC associate vice president for volunteer services

Volunteers have another special quality: they are not there to solve a single problem, but are willing to take a 360-degree view of a company and go outside the scope of their assignment to provide an exceptional level of support, all while building goodwill between the United States and our global neighbors.

IESC volunteers are motivated, dedicated, and have a formidable toolkit at their disposal.

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