For a relatively small investment, tourism can provide a strong boost to a developing country’s economy. Our work in tourism includes creating market-savvy strategies from the national to the local level, introducing best-practice management techniques, improving tourism facilities at all levels and marketing enhanced tourism offerings via traditional and electronic channels.

Experience shows that tourism has a strong “ripple effect.” Pro-poor tourism boosts revenue in other areas (such as food services and handicrafts), creates associated service jobs and attracts investment.

In Sri Lanka, we helped a company that owned one hotel reorganize its operations and access financing for an ambitious expansion strategy. That company now has 25 hotels in four countries. In Bulgaria, we introduced a certification and quality control system that catalyzed the formation of a co-branded, privately-run group of small hotels and guest houses. That group, Authentic Bulgaria, now includes 64 properties throughout the country. And in Georgia, we worked closely with local stakeholders to design community-led strategies that don't just sit on a shelf. They actually get implemented. Our assistance has led to more tourists, more revenues, and more jobs.

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