IESC Refreshes Brand, Unveils New Logo and Tagline

11-Aug-2016 Categories: Press Releases

When IESC turned 50 in 2014, we decided to take some time to reflect and to make some changes, starting with our mission, vision, and statement of values, moving on to an updated logo and tagline, and soon, this website.

A lot of things are different from that day when David Rockefeller and others gathered with President Johnson in the White House Rose Garden to announce the launch of the International Executive Service Corps, a complementary organization to both the Peace Corps and USAID. Our work is structured a bit differently, and we aren’t strictly a volunteer organization, but some things definitely remain the same.

Whether it’s providing the kind of firm-level assistance we did for our first three decades, or linking SMEs into value chains or new markets, IESC’s sweet spot has always been small and medium businesses and their ecosystem. The core of our approach to making the world a better place is to grow and support the world’s small and medium businesses, the engines that drive economic growth, the source of most innovation, and creators of jobs and opportunity. Our founder, David Rockefeller, believed this, and IESC embodies it still. We help businesses around the world and we are serious about it. We are the nonprofit that means business.