IESC Hosts Second Successful Ambassadorial Course in South Sudan

25-Mar-2013 Categories: Press Releases South Sudan

IESC is very pleased to announce the successful completion of the South Sudan Diplomatic Training Program’s second Ambassadorial Preparation Course taking place from February 4th-8th, 2013. Led by President & CEO Amb. Tom Miller, IESC trained 13 South Sudanese diplomats on the role of an ambassador, to embassy management, commercial promotion and the unique challenges of representing an emerging country, to prepare them in serving as ambassadors overseas.

The course incorporated special video interviews with former Ambassadors Shaun Donnelly and Thomas Pickering, as well as public relations lessons from former State Department Press Spokesperson Phyllis Oakley. The program also worked to fully integrate South Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) into the curriculum with several presentations surrounding South Sudan’s foreign policy and interagency cooperation being presented by MFA officials. 

All participants reported learning valuable new material and that they expected to use this new information in their future postings, including one participant who noted, “The course went a long way in equipping ambassadors with proactive approaches to acquire knowledge about South Sudan’s political, economic and social dynamics and confronting issues in host countries.”

The Diplomatic Training Program assists in augmenting the Government of South Sudan’s diplomatic operation in order to manage the complicated and expanding international relationships that come with nationhood, and to meet the demands on the MFA to recruit and train new diplomats and support staff.  Since 2011, IESC has provided training to over 126 South Sudanese diplomats and personnel to enable them to successfully represent their country overseas. 

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