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Community Mobilization and Peace through Radio Technology in Mali

Geekcorps, a technology subsidy of IESC, installed five community radio stations in the three regions of Northern Mali under the USAID-funded Community Mobilization through Radio Technology program in order to facilitate communication in the region. Following the end of the CMRT program, Geekcorps began working on a new community radio station installation project, the Radio for Peace Building in the North Program, a more ambitious USAID program that included the installation of 11 radio stations and modernizing an established station. The RPN was designed to promote media freedom by producing radio programs that serve as a tool for combating terrorist ideology in conflict-prone areas. Under these programs, Geekcorps developed local capacity in building and maintaining these radio stations.  IESC provided workshops and trainings for the radio managers, journalists, management committees, control committees, and technicians on how to make the radio stations profitable, engaging, and useful for their communities. The sustainability of the stations was based in part on additional services that include Cybertigi technology centers and a new technology configuration called La Source, a wooden USB kiosk that delivers content, including music and movies. This work was funded by USAID.

Access to International Markets through Information Technology in Lebanon

The Access to International Markets through Information Technology (AIM-IT) Program had three primary components: preparing information and communication technologies (ICT) firms for export; creating wireless internet service providers (WISPs) in rural areas; and using ICT to increase competitiveness in the tourism sector. IESC developed the local market for ICT and enhanced the tourism sector through the services of long-term staff (including an all-Lebanese staff with the exception of the Moroccan project director) and short-term volunteer experts and consultants. Key project activities included providing trade show technical assistance and leading Microsoft-sponsored training of software project management and software development methodologies and best practices. The program also created a marketing plan for information management systems and improved market linkage opportunities for ICT companies in Lebanon, while providing export training for Lebanese ICT companies. This $3.3 million project was funded by USAID.