IBEX Environmental Impact Training


The USAID-funded and IESC implemented Liberia Investing for Business Expansion (IBEX) Program held a series of workshops on Environmental Compliance Systems for project staff, partner banks, and local environmental consultants on June 18, 2014. IESC consultant Ethan Myer, an an  environmental  scientist  with  over  10  years  of  technical  experience  focused  on regulatory  environmental  compliance,  remedial  construction  oversight  and  environmental  impact assessment, facilitated the training and presented on topics such as environmental impact assessments (EIA) and USAID Environmental Procedures.

Many attendees noted the growing importance of environmental compliance in their work. For example Mohammed Dukuly, Eobank-Liberia’s Country Manager stated, “In today’s world, environmental risk assessments are very crucial to credit decisions. If we are going to finance a person that is doing construction, we have to make sure that the person has got EPA permission, the workers are fully protected and the environment is protected as well.”

Over the next two weeks, Mr. Myer will meet with IBEX partner banks in order to understand their current assessment procedures. He will use this understanding to develop an Environmental Compliance System for the partner banks to apply to their Development Credit Authority (DCA) backed portfolios. Read more...