IBEX Chief of Party Featured in Liberian Entrepreneurs Summit Co-sponsored by Forbes Magazine

06-Nov-2013 Categories: Liberia Press Releases

IESC's Watchen Bruce attends the 2013 Liberia Entrepreneurial Exchange. Sponsored by Forbes Magazine and the Liberian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, this business summit brought international philanthropists and social entrepreneurs together with Liberian business leaders to discuss ideas and approaches to developing Liberia’s private sector.

Ms. Bruce has over three decades of banking and finance experience and currently serves as the Chief of Party for IESC’s Investing for Business Expansion (IBEX) program, a $1.6 million program in Liberia that provides technical assistance to partner banks and SMEs to encourage lending in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors.

Ms. Bruce was featured on a panel on raising money in Liberia and facilitated a breakout session on entrepreneur business pitches. In addition, three IBEX client businesses presented their business plans to impact investors.