ICT and Applied Technologies

Our Geekcorps subsidiary has built an enviable reputation as a nimble and creative resource in the design and implemen- tation of innovative technology programs in remote corners of the world. Our programs range from sophisticated multi- dimensional cross-cutting ICT installations to makeshift FM antennas cobbled out of soft drink bottles. Over the years, Geekcorps accomplishments have been featured in many trade and general media. Our Geekcorps volunteers and consultants not only address the needs of the ICT sector itself, but they also build ICT capacity across a spectrum of general business sectors, public and private.

In Mali, Geekcorps has built or refurbished 17 radio stations on the edges of the Saharan desert. These stations contribute directly to U.S. counter-terrorism objectives by ensuring that local communities have an independent source of information beyond local tribal leaders and nearby terrorist cells, and they convey information about the democratic process. They also contribute to social development with programming that can impact health, sanitation, and education. The bonus is that the stations collectively act as one community center. Some of the stations provide a neutral meeting place for the community, as well as useful services, like internet access and the ability to register and print identification cards — essential to encouraging participation in the democratic process. Always central to Geekcorps' mission is sustainability. That's happened in Mali as our teams have used simple, appropriate technologies and trained local team members to take on the roles of managers, technicians and broadcast reporters.

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