Financial Services

IESC’s financial services practice delivers cross-cutting services to all stakeholders in the financial sector, including microfinance institutions, commercial banks, investment funds and fund managers, national banks, and other non-banking financial instructions.

Some areas of work include micro, small, and medium enterprise finance and lending, and impact investment. IESC provides expertise on many topics, including:

•    Agriculture, Value Chain, and Rural Finance
•    Process and Operations Improvement
•    Credit Analysis
•    Human Resources and Personnel Capacity Building
•    Product Development and Marketing
•    Risk Management
•    Investment Screening and Due Diligence
•    Business Development Services for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

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IESC's approach is to work with both sides—businesses and financial institutions—to bridge financing gaps. We work with banks to improve credit delivery while helping growing businesses to develop internal capacity to take on and manage credit.

In conjunction with our local partners, we evaluate a prospective borrower’s ability to repay loans, while working to strengthen financial reporting and overall financial management capacity. At the same time, we work with banks and loan officers to develop their understanding of how to make loans to businesses in various industries, how to market financial products, and how to manage risk.

IESC collaborates with USAID's Development Credit Authority in many of our programs. By working with both the DCA and financial institutions, IESC has increased the number of DCA-eligible financial institutions and is expanding the network of institutions that are willing and able to lend to micro, small, and medium enterprises.


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