New Publication: Export Promotion of Tunisian Organics

02-Oct-2015 Categories: Press Releases Publications Tunisia
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This case study describes the impact of a small and medium enterprise development project on Tunisia's organics sector. The USAID-funded Tunisia SME Project was designed to strengthen Tunisia’s economic competitiveness and prospects for sustained growth by promoting greater SME involvement in trade and investment related activities. To do this, the project provided technical assistance to export-ready or near export-ready SMEs.

Through the efforts of an IESC volunteer experts, the Tunisia SME Project conducted a sector analysis and provided export-readiness training and feedback to organics SMEs. A second volunteer expert arranged a U.S. buyers' mission to Tunisia and facilitated selected companies' participation in a U.S. trade show. As a result of these project interventions, organics companies gained valuable knowledge about international quality and marketing standards. They also closed deals, including a $1.2 million deal for the sale of olive oil. As these Tunisian businesses continue to establish market linkages with buyers, maintain relationships with key sector experts, and increase their trade show attendance, American consumers can expect to see more Tunisian organic products in their grocery stores.

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