ABADE Program Presented to Herat Business Community

11-Mar-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases

Herat, Afghanistan  – More than one hundred business representatives and local government officials gathered at the ABADE road show in Herat today to hear about the possibilities of partnering with this new USAID-funded project aimed at providing assistance to small and medium enterprises in Afghanistan.

After the February 13 launch of the Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE) project in Kabul, USAID and its implementing partner VEGA/IESC started a series of road shows to present the project to potential partners throughout Afghanistan. The road shows are designed as information sessions for Afghanistan’s private sector businesses and other entities interested in ABADE activities.

“Our goal is to help these Afghan entrepreneurs thrive by supplying financial assistance, technology, skills, and business knowledge. We will also support Afghan organizations that are working to improve the regulatory and administrative business environment,” said USAID Senior Development Officer, Kevin Rushing.

ABADE partners with the private sector to increase investment, job creation, and productivity of businesses, with a focus on advancing opportunities for women and youths.

“The Government will utilize all its resources to support the private sector in Herat province,” said Herat Deputy Governor, Alhaj Asiluddin Jami.

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