Licorice Propagation and Harvesting Consultant 

28-Apr-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Consultant
The objective of this assignment is to support a licorice cultivation and extraction investment plan which is under development. The consultant will assist the partner in learning techniques for plant propagation, growing licorice from seed, sustainable harvesting methods, and plant management. For additional information and how to apply, please click here. read more

Licorice Extract Production Expert 

27-Apr-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Consultant
The objective of this assignment is to support a licorice extraction investment plan which is under development. Through a remote consultant, ABADE will refine the applicant's business plan and answer questions related to the production of licorice extract. The company needs to discuss and further refine their extraction method with an expert as the processor is not... read more

International Procurement Manager  

19-Mar-2015 Categories: Afghanistan

The ABADE (Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises) Program provides technical assistance and in-kind support to Afghan businesses. ABADE will focus on enabling the private sector to address gaps that hamper expansion and job creation – i.e. enterprise productivity, management, and capital. With an overarching goal to increase opportunities for trade, employment, and investment in Afghanistan, ABADE will have a large in-kind grant portfolio, as well as sector specific skills training programs. These components of the project will require a large volume of procurement on behalf of sub-award grantees. 

For additional information about this position and to apply, please click here to apply. IESC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Market Development Specialist  

09-Dec-2014 Categories: Consultant

 The Competitive Agriculture Systems for High Value Crops (CASH) Program is a Feed the Future (FtF) initiative with the overall goal of enhancing food security by creating sustainable market systems and reducing poverty in rural areas of Yemen. By working to create strong, sustainable and commercially profitable markets for Yemeni coffee, honey, horticulture, livestock, and handicrafts, CASH aims to increase incomes and food security for Yemeni citizens, particularly women. CASH’s market access and information component supports this goal by collaborating with Yemeni and regional partners to improve market information, facilitate an inclusiveness among Yemeni export stakeholders in targeted value chains, increase competitiveness, and promote regional and international trade linkages.

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