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Toasting Our Presidents: A Volunteer on Assignment in Georgia 

09-Jan-2014 Categories: Georgia Volunteer Stories
My assignment was to provide assistance to business associations in order to help them develop advocacy skills as part of IESC’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Support Project in the Republic of Georgia. I met with the... read more

Can I Play the Duduk With You? 

Volunteer expert Rick Hibberd shares his experience in Armenia
06-Jan-2014 Categories: Armenia Volunteer Stories
Consultant Rick Hibberd (on the right) at The London Tourism Show My IESC project in Armenia included branding their first tourism campaign with logo and slogan "Armenia: Timeless... read more

Barev Dzez! 

Volunteer expert Donna Howard enjoys Armenian coffee with a shoemaker
06-Jan-2014 Categories: Armenia Volunteer Stories

The Armenians are extremely hospitable. Their phrase for hospitality is "to love our guest." At every NGO I visited, I was offered tea or coffee, and I usually accept tea. Tea is a ritual in Armenia, which, I realize now, includes a nice cloth or scarf placed on the table, the loveliest cups or glasses one has, and a plate of cookies or candy at the most humble of locations.

... read more

IESC Helps Moroccan Companies Become More Productive 

30-Dec-2013 Categories: Morocco Our Impact
IESC is the primary implementer of Morocco Commercial Development Organizations Support Program, which is funded by The U.S. State Department's Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). As part of this program, IESC... read more

IESC Consultants Lead Advocacy Training in Morocco 

27-Dec-2013 Categories: Morocco Our Impact Press Releases
In Morocco, many Commercial Development Organizations (CDOs) - trade associations, cooperatives, business development organizations and chambers of commerce – lack the capacity to support their members because of financial... read more

Volunteer Goes Above and Beyond in Tunisia 

18-Dec-2013 Categories: Our Impact Tunisia Volunteer Stories
For almost 50 years, IESC has set the global standard for identifying and deploying volunteer experts for technical and managerial assistance projects overseas. IESC volunteer experts bring years of professional... read more

IESC Volunteer: “The Highest of Distinctions is Service to Others” 

13-Dec-2013 Categories: Tunisia Volunteer Stories
IESC volunteer expert Melody Myer writes on her blog about her decision to volunteer for IESC and shares her experience in Tunisia. Read Why Volunteer? Why Go to Tunisia? Read Tunisian Chronicles read more

A Refugee and Entrepreneur 

12-Dec-2013 Categories: Liberia Our Impact
Keffa Bua Eloi fled the Ivory Coast several years ago to escape from civil war and instability. As an Ivorian refugee in Liberia he had to find means to support himself. Mr. Eloi wanted to buy his own enterprise to the... read more

IESC's Modest Contribution to the South Africa Made Possible by Nelson Mandela 

09-Dec-2013 Categories: Press Releases South Africa
Over 90 heads of state are planning to visit South Africa this week to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. Mandela’s memorial service will take place Tuesday, December 10th, and today we would like to share some examples of the... read more

US Baby Boomers to Provide Talent Pool for China 

21-Nov-2013 Categories: China Press Releases
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ambassador Tom Miller, President and CEO of International Executive Service Corps (IESC) discussed the competition for global talent at the Shenzhen Forum on Competition ... read more
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