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IESC Project Director Appointed President of Tunisian American Friendship Association 

13-Mar-2013 Categories: Press Releases Tunisia
IESC project director in Tunisia, Rym Ayari, has been appointed president of the Tunisian American Friendship Association (TAFA). The Association was founded in 1957 to promote scientific, technological, cultural, and... read more

ABADE Program Presented to Herat Business Community 

11-Mar-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases

More than one hundred business representatives and local government officials gathered at the ABADE road show in Herat today to hear about the possibilities of partnering with this new USAID-funded project aimed at providing assistance to small and medium enterprises in Afghanistan.

... read more

We Bid Farewell to Tarek Nabhan after 31 Years of Service 

06-Mar-2013 Categories: Press Releases
IESC's long-time vice president of global operations, Tarek M. Nabhan, has departed IESC to pursue opportunities with a family operation in trade and marketing between the U.S. and Egypt. Tarek, who is known as “the heart... read more

ABADE Program Launched to Support Afghan Businesses 

13-Feb-2013 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have the potential to be a key economic driver of Afghanistan’s development. However, Afghan business owners struggle to obtain the capital, management advice,... read more

IESC Hosts Successful Finance Training for Banks and Businesses in Liberia 

04-Feb-2013 Categories: Liberia Press Releases
Following years of conflict, including two civil wars, Liberia continues to face significant challenges. Land lays fallow, homes remain dark without access to electricity and families continue to struggle to survive. While... read more

Engaging Liberian Entrepreneurs Over the Airwaves 

01-Feb-2013 Categories: Liberia
IESC is reaching out to remote and conflict-affected regions of Liberia through local radio stations to promote business growth through improved access to finance. The USAID-funded Liberia Investing for Business Expansion ... read more

Board Member and General Counsel Bill McBride Passes 

31-Dec-2012 Categories: Press Releases
It is with great sadness that we share the news that Bill McBride, who joined our Board as General Counsel in early 2012, passed away on December 22nd. In the time Bill was on the IESC Board as our General Counsel he did a... read more

Life-Changing Eye-Tracking Technology Makes Its Way to Kazakhstan 

14-Dec-2012 Categories: Kazakhstan Press Releases
Designed to create a lifeline for adults and children who are unable to speak or control their body movements, advanced eye tracking technologies, suche as Eyegaze Edge by LC Technologies, Ltd. allows these individuals to... read more

Former IESC President Spencer T. King Retires from Board 

01-Nov-2012 Categories: Press Releases
After retiring as President and CEO a little over two years ago, Spencer King has stepped down from the Board of Directors. As President of IESC (2003-2010), Spencer spearheaded transformation in our funding sources as well... read more

IESC Awarded $105 Million SME Program in Afghanistan 

16-Oct-2012 Categories: Afghanistan Press Releases
Washington, D.C. – IESC is pleased to announce that it was awarded the $105 million Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE) Program, funded by the United States Agency for International... read more
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