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Unlocking Capital, Unlocking Opportunity 

07-Mar-2018 Categories: International Women's Day Mali
Unlocking Capital, Unlocking Opportunity By Carybeth Reddy and Aichata Mohamed Sako In Mali’s capital of Bamako, Diallo Hawa Traore runs a soap company, one of the first in the city to sell gabakourouni, a special... read more

The Time is Now to Dismantle Systems that Hold Women Back 

06-Mar-2018 Categories: International Women's Day
The Time is Now to Dismantle Systems that Hold Women Back The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives" By Tom Miller, President and CEO This ... read more

Volunteer Expert Receives VEGA Volunteer Award 

Lisa Larson, an experienced IT management, software development, and organizational change consultant, received the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) for her work in Cambodia ... read more

With IESC Volunteer Support, EU Ban on Some Ghanaian Agricultural Exports Lifted 

28-Nov-2017 Categories: Ghana Press Releases Volunteer Stories
Chili peppers are among the products that Ghanaian farmers can resume exporting to European markets now that the ban has been lifted. In early November the ... read more

IESC's Newest Project Centers on Demand-Driven Dairy Expansion in Sri Lanka 

19-Oct-2017 Categories: Sri Lanka

U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded IESC new funding to strengthen and grow the dairy sector in Sri Lanka. Dairy is the most critical livestock sub-sector in Sri Lanka. This is due to growing demand for fresh milk and milk products and the sector’s potential to grow the rural economy.

... read more

Safe, Healthy Food, Abroad and At Home 

16-Oct-2017 Categories: Dominican Republic
Commitment to Safe Practices Reaps Rewards for Dominican Exporters In October 2016, fruit and vegetable exporter Exportadora Cruz Bautista found itself in a troublesome situation. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration... read more

Dominican Farmers Take on a Tiny, Formiddable Foe 

01-Sep-2017 Categories: Dominican Republic Our Impact

Guido Morel’s Chinese eggplant and Indian Bitter melon grow amid rows of vibrant yellow marigolds and sunflowers on his farm in the heart of oriental vegetable production in the Dominican Republic. Other farmers in the region know about Guido and his eggplant. The harvest he recently delivered to an exporter’s packinghouse was categorized as “gold”—in other words, blemish-free and uniform in shape. 

... read more

Zanzibar Local Government Association Launched 

03-Aug-2017 Categories: Press Releases Tanzania
New member-led initiative will advocate for local constituents Mayor of Zanzibar and ZALGA chairperson, Khatib Abdulrahman Khatib, officiated the launch held July 30, 2017, at the ... read more

Our 2016 Annual Report Released 

25-Jul-2017 Categories: Press Releases

IESC has released its first formal annual report since 2009. The years separating these two reports represent a significant period of transformation for IESC.

... read more

New Program Leverages Volunteers to Strengthen Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

IESC was awarded a new three-year, $4 million project to stimulate job creation by advancing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s trade integration with and expansion into European Union and regional markets. The project is funded by... read more
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