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For Afghan Farmers, A Ministry Prepared to Serve 

16-Oct-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Our Impact
Employees of the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock "clock in" for the day on a handwritten ledger. Photo: Noor Seddiq By Leigh Stephens and Lisa... read more

Agriculture Sector Strengthens and Afghan Women Advance 

17-Jun-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Our Impact
One woman's journey from fearful speaker to confident leader Najeba Karimi. Photo: USAID CBCMP-II With a largely agricultural economy, Afghanistan is working to build up its... read more

Spice Market 

22-May-2015 Categories: Our Impact Sri Lanka Volunteer Stories

Sri Lanka produces some of the highest regarded cinnamon in the world, and it is estimated that the Sri Lankan cinnamon industry has the potential to reap economic benefits for more than 1.5 million people in a country of 20 million. But after years of civil war, Sri Lanka’s economy and the opportunities for the cinnamon industry to leverage its economic potential were stifled. The Facilitating Economic Growth Program (2009-2014) emerged in this context, launching only months after the civil war ended.

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Facilitating Economic Growth in Sri Lanka 

21-May-2015 Categories: Our Impact Sri Lanka

After years of civil war, Sri Lanka’s economy was struggling. The Facilitating Economic Growth Program (2009-2014) launched very soon after the war to revitalize Sri Lanka’s post-conflict economy through rapid, targeted technical assistance to businesses, industries, and business-related government agencies. IESC fielded a mix of consultants and volunteer experts on short-term assignments to the country. The program was funded by USAID through the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA).

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Better Data, Bigger Impact 

14-May-2015 Categories: Cambodia Our Impact

In the digital era, the old saying “knowledge is power” might better be rendered as “information is power.” But as local NGOs in Cambodia are learning, even that is only partly correct. Accurate information is a first step to driving change. Data collection and data analysis, through effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E), are vital management tools for assessing organizational effectiveness and improving decision-making. For Cambodian NGOs, greater effectiveness and better decision-making lead to smart development interventions that yield greater impact.

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Yemen’s Liquid Gold 

07-May-2015 Categories: Our Impact Yemen

In Yemen’s Al-Haimah district, near the city of Sana’a, 40 beekeepers have struck gold. In March 2015, these 40 beekeepers of the Al-Ruqy Coffee and Honey Producers Association sold 187 pounds of honey, worth $2,125 U.S. dollars, to the Yemen Eyes for Agriculture Advisory and Exporting Company, or YEAS. The price they got per kilo, $25, is a 67 percent increase over what the beekeepers earned from their previous harvest.

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A Gym of One’s Own 

A Gym of One's Own: Fitness Clubs help Afghan Women Stay Healthy and Safe
10-Mar-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Our Impact

Sports and fitness buff Masuma Hossaini is determined to educate fellow Afghan women and girls on the health benefits of staying fit through exercising and to provide a safe environment where they can work out. “Taking care of one’s health is not a luxury; it is a necessity,” says Hossaini, owner of Alzahra Fitness Sports Club. “There are very few fitness centers for women in Kabul. Opening another branch will give more women access to fitness facilities.”

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Tunisia’s Organic Producers Get Exposure to the U.S. Market 

With quality on their side—and a little help from IESC—Tunisia organics are poised for growth
26-Feb-2015 Categories: Our Impact Tunisia
Tunisia is home to approximately 750 acres of organic farm land—the second largest acreage in Africa—where more than 2,300 farmers use certified organic production methods that help preserve biodiversity, support the soil,... read more

Kazakhstani Businesses Benefit from Connections with U.S. and Among Each Other 

23-Feb-2015 Categories: Kazakhstan Our Impact

This project was designed to help grow Kazakhstani small and medium enterprises. Between 2011 and 2014, we arranged 14 business development tours to the U.S. for 166 Kazakh businesswomen and men. Participants anticipate their businesses to increase sales by nearly $16 million next year and by about $110 million over the next 5 years.

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In Mazari Sharif, Women and Youth Innovators Drive Afghanistan's Growing Economy 

12-Feb-2015 Categories: Afghanistan Our Impact

IESC implements USAID's flagship enterprise development program in Afghanistan, ABADE. A foundry, a handicrafts company, a women's-only gym, and a media company are among the women- and youth-led businesses that the ABADE Program has helped to grow.

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