New IESC Program in Tanzania                  Will Foster Inclusive                                Economic Growth


            IESC has been awarded a new four-year,
            $20 million program in Tanzania that
            will help foster inclusive, broad-based,    
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  Powered by Chocolate, Women      
  Drive Community Change


 The smell of chocolate in the air is heady, 
 even a bit distracting as I sit down to talk
 with about 10 women...  
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 When Women Help Women,  Entrepreneurs Thrive 


 Women in West African cultures—some of  which are historically matrilineal—hold positions  of respect and strength. Read more . . . 

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IESC, Big Bird, and the National Defense

Remembering IESC employee Ward Chamberlin, Jr. Read more . . . 

IESC Volunteer Lynda Swenson Named VEGA Volunteer of the Year 2016

On International Volunteer Day, VEGA recognized Lynda Swenson for her extensive history of volunteering, which includes over 50 volunteer assignments in the last 10 years. Read more . . . 

ABADE Organizes Expo to Increase Sales of Afghan Products 

On October 18, ABADE hosted an exhibition in Mazar-e-Sharif aimed at increasing sales of Afghan products. Read more . . . 



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